Clean Up Your Diet with This 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge

Who doesn’t love a good challenge? Most people who walk into a gym wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds and improving their fitness level!. I am constantly conjuring up new ways to challenge and encourage our members to learn and push toward their fitness goals.

Nutrition & Exercise

7-day-meal-planRemember: Diet and exercise go together like all natural peanut butter & farm fresh jam. While exercise and increased activity will definitely accelerate your fitness journey, you can’t out-exercise poor nutrition. Your nutrition accounts for 80% of any fitness goal, with the other 20% coming from your genetics and exercise regimen. Eating more is part of any plan, but the trick is to make sure those food options are healthy and “clean.” When you start giving your body the fuel it needs to perform properly, fat begins to melt away, allowing your muscles to shine through.

Why 30 Days ?

Many of us have heard that it takes a minimum 21 days of consistency to form a new habit. And “quick fixes” aren’t that appealing because those tend to yield only short-term results. We used the 30-day challenge as a doable, but challenging amount of days to help members jump-start (or re-motivate) their healthy goals and actually see some results. The 30-day time frame allows you to focus on making small changes week-to-week, resulting in a more long-term transition, regardless of inclement weather, a hectic work schedule, a booming social calendar, or whatever other speed bumps pop up along your health journey.

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