Level 10 Lifestyle & Fitness has worked with 500+ clients and is the official trainer of International Beauty Pageant Winner, Miss Globe, Alyssha Shanks

Why do most individuals never reach their lifestyle and fitness goals?

You’ve seen it all before (and maybe even tried it, too).

Fad diets that don’t work.

One-size-fit-all programs that don’t meet your needs.

Coaching that doesn’t give you lasting results.

Most individuals never reach their goals because a majority of them are receiving the same products and services from programs with a lack of variety, lack of vision, lack of solutions, lack of expertise, lack of care, and lack of good business sense.

We believe everyone is unique and special in their own way, with different talents, strengths, needs, and goals. That’s why here at Level 10 Lifestyle & Fitness™, we specialize in the details of each and every one of our clients’ needs and customize their programs accordingly.

Whether you’re a busy professional trying to fit health and wellness into your demanding schedule, or someone who, for years, has tried every type of seemingly promising solution with little to no results – we are determined to educate, motivate, and help the families in the DC Metro community obtain healthy lifestyles and reach their best results and continue to sustain them. But don’t take our word for it. See for your self Click Here to see our Google Reviews!

Beauty Queen Miss Globe, Alyssha Shanks Gets Fit…

This could be you next! Believe it! Good Job Patti


If you’re looking to change your life for good, you can continue searching for and trying solutions that may or may not work for you. But here at Level 10 Lifestyle & Fitness™, we use strategies that have given our clients amazing results since we were founded in 2013. We work with you step-by-step to reach your customized goals.

When you get in touch with us, we always work with you to meet with a Level 10 Lifestyle & Fitness™ Coach to conduct a Personal Lifestyle Consultation. During this session, many questions are asked and all answers are recorded to ensure we provide the necessary products, talents, and services needed.

From working with over 500 clients, we have the tools, knowledge, and strategies to reach your “level 10” lifestyle. We’re excited to work with individuals ready to make a lifestyle change, a holistic process that always begins with individuals’ long-term commitment to becoming the best version of themselves.

If you’re ready to live the life you always wanted, click below to register and get started with your FREE Personal Lifestyle Consultation to find out how you can reach your lifestyle goals!

“Best training! Full experience where nutrition, life coaching, and workouts are fused together! I am grateful everyday for LVL 10 fitness as the training brought me to win my Miss Globe title!!!”

Alyssha ShanksMiss Globe Maryland 2018

“I had a great experience working with Chris and the other personal trainers at LVL 10 Fitness. Each fitness program is personalized based on goals and includes diet/nutrition counseling. My personal goal was to pass the Air Force PT test and the program helped me to reach this goal. I recommend this program to anyone who has specific fitness goals and is looking for trainers that are motivated and flexible. Thank you again LVL 10!”


I’ve searched for a long time for the right personal trainer and Level 10 staff was an easy choice. They are not just trainers – they are teachers and they are doers. They’re very knowledgeable about all things health include calorie density, optimum nutrition, stability training, strength training, physiology, and more. They also live the Level 10 Lifestyle, practicing holistic health on a physical, mental, and financial level. If you’re looking for lasting results and a lifestyle change, try Level 10!”


Hiring LVL 10 was the best decision of my life . I saw such great results from my personal training . I was challenged to be the best woman I could possibly be. I dropped 4 sizes in the matter of four months. I also received personal nutritional guidance, and the best part was that my trainer walked me through what to eat and why I should eat it. My training sessions were hard and at the same time extremely fun. Do yourself a favor and go with LVL 10″


“The folks at level 10 theirselves live the high quality (physical, mental, and diet) lifestyle they offer as their professional trade. Chris and his team made working out energetic as well as alot of fun to where I knew I was working out but at least my mind didn’t zone in on the physical aspect. They will teach you the diet that’s best “for you” and motivate you. Very educated and dedicated staff. Chris Bradley brings a lifetime of fitness experience  to every client and understands the unique needs of every client.”

Level 10 Client

“He is simply the best trainer you can find, he is very focused, disciplined and result oriented. He is a wonderful human being and cares a lot for the wellbeing of his clients. He sees his work as changing one life at a time.”

Level 10 Client

“Chris is very knowledgeable and passionate about fitness and nutrition. I highly recommend him for all your health and fitness needs!!”


“I can only say great things about Chris Bradley and the team he employs! My success came from his knowledge about nutrition, leading a good and organized life and believing in myself. No standard Personal Trainer or Nutrisionist could have accomplished that. Chris is patient, thoughtful and I love the way he thinks outside the box, because there is always a way to make something happen! Trust me, you should check out Chris and his team.”


The best thing about having Chris Bradley as a trainer is his high energy motivation. I have trained with him for over a year now and I feel fantastic! My health has improved greatly and I now have a positive attitude about working out. Before it was a drag because I didn’t know what I was doing. Chris makes up my routines and also explains what we are working on and what results I’m going to see. Very professional, very instructive and it changed my lifestyle for the best.”


“For the past two months I’ve been doing personal training with Chris Bradley, and it has been truly amazing . The workouts are hard , but they are producing the results I wanted to achieve. In the last two months I have lost twenty pounds!!! Chris is consistent and always makes sure that he is being the best lifestyle coach and trainer he can possibly be. He created some goals for me that not only push me, but also inspires me to be the best me I could possibly be. If you want to be radically different, then you need to get a radical trainer . Lvl 10 Fitness University is the place to go, don’t wait any longer.”


“Chris is simply the best trainer I ever worked with. Apart from being professionally excellent and pushing you hard to achieve your full fitness potential, he is a beautiful human being. He is genuinely caring and has a great sense of social responsibility. He sees his work as his calling and really puts his heart and soul into the wellbeing of his clients. He coaches many young trainers and is involved with a variety of social causes. His energy and optimism is truly amazing and slowly but surely, he is changing one life at a time. Thank you, Chris.”


“Excellent training!! Every time is a great experience. I highly recommend this program.”


“Only a few days working with Chris, but so far he has been extremely professional and responsive. I have a cervical spinal injury and he has been very attentive to my limitations by adjusting the workout to accommodate. His meal plan is a little strict (lol) but doable. I’m actually looking forward to the next month of personal training. He also includes my 9 year old in our workout, which is great and a positive motivator. My goal is strength training, increasing my endurance and weight loss. I believe I’m in great hands with Chris.”


“Chris has been an amazing life coach and fitness coach. He is genuinely concerned for your overall well-being and his goal is to make you an overall healthier person, not just a fit one. And he is an awesome personal trainer and highly personalizes the workouts. He is very flexible with scheduling and does his absolute best to accommodate your time. Would definitely recommend without hesitation for anyone looking to improve their lives and their fitness/health!”


“The most amazing personal lifestyle experience you could ever ask for. If you are serious about changing your life and seeing the results call Chris, he’s an expert at coordinating meal plans, budgeting, and caloric balances that caters to the needs of the workout plan you’re in. Carbs, Fats, Omegas, Vitamins, Proteins, Chris will design a nutritional program that can nurture all kinds of foods and he can also personalize your training program. Super reliable, he always follows up, he’s on time, and communicates ahead of time to if we have any difficulty with scheduling workouts. He sacrifices a lot to meet with me. He’ll even work out with you. Flexible tuition payments.”


“Chris is super charged EVERYTIME we meet!! He kept my level of faith in being able to accomplish my weight loss/fitness goal high and helped me get back on track when I fell off. He also helped me with advice in other areas of my life going above and beyond without hesitation. I would recommend him to ANYONE who needs to get and stay on track and lose weight once and for all :-)”


“I have been with Level 10 for almost 2 years, with a goal to get toned and stronger, and I have been able to get toned and lose 15 pounds and keep it off. As with any of your fitness goals you need to form habits that are going to help you get there. Level 10 helps you form habits around physical activity, nutrition and motivation that are easy to follow and fun to do. If you want a customized workout that matches your goals then you might want to consider Level 10 and it’s the best priced of any program I have found.”


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