About us.

Level 10 Core Values

Having the HEART to serve our community. Loving the people we serve. Staying HUMBLE and HOSPITABLE while serving. Remaining CONSISTENT with our service. Holding on to the INTEGRITY of our word and our values. DISCIPLINING ourselves to remain faithful to uphold are values even when we might not feel like doing so.

Level 10 Mission

nutrition-classOur mission is to provide the community good nutrition, great fitness programs, and unique personal lifestyle coaching. We are determined to educate, motivate, and help the families of our community obtain healthy lifestyles and reach their “level 10” results. LVL 10 Lifestyle & Fitness University is the community’s wellness super center. All the products, talents, and services essential for a healthy lifestyle are all under one roof. Level 10 Lifestyle & Fitness University. The Community Wellness Supercenter.

Individual Focus

No one individual is the same as another. So why does the majority of indivdiuals receieve the same products & services? Lack of variety, lack of vision, lack of solutions, lack of expertise, lack of care, and lack of good business sense. Here at LVL 10 we specialize in the special details of each and every one of our clients needs. We understand that every one is unique and special in their own way and we customize their programs accordingly. Starting at the first meeting, the Personal Lifestyle Interview. When any new prospect calls in our phone receptionist books them to meet with a Level 10 Coach to conduct a Personal Lifestyle Interview. In the interview, many questions are asked and all answers are recorded to ensure we provide the necessary products, talents, and services needed. we do not believe in one size or progam fits all so thats why we always first meet with the new client to get to know them to the best of our ability before telling them what they need to do in order to reach their goals.